extra strength and dimensional stability over a wide temperature range; is also free S&S O-Ring Viton Rocker Box (-019),.812'' Id X .937'' Od, O-Ring (-19) .


Viton Properties · Common Name: Viton®, Fluro Elastomer, FKM. ASTM D-2000 Classification: HK · Resistances. Abrasion Resistance: Good · Temperature Range.

Tellerfeder. 50CrV4. SCP007000. TEMP PROBE 6 mm DIA, x 150 mm O RING VITON O-RING TO SUIT 6. 20.

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Temperaturbereich / Temperature range. break-away force, often using rubber or plastic O-rings or canted coil springs to achieve it. or several O-rings can be utilized in connectors to achieve the desired range For example, Viton® rubber is highly resistant to jet fuel and other chemicals, copper, or tungsten, and, in addition to providing excellent temperature  Mätutrustningens mätcell är okänslig för kemikalier och temperatur. • Mätaren är Conductivity temperature transmitter LMIT 08. Special version with coated for LMIT 08 with 5 measuring range specific simulation resistor Viton B housing inside: halar-coated. DN 40 / PN 16. DN 50 / PN 16 o-ring Viton B 60 x 2.

M-Cor Inc : Manufacturer of encapsulated o-rings and related products TEFLON® and Viton® are trademarks of THE CHEMOURS COMPANY What is the upper temperature limit of Viton The upper limit is around 200 deg C, and can go higher in certain situations, but it depends on the actual application. Dichtomatik has detailed knowledge of application and materials so it is better to provide full application criteria if known.

Viton TM rubber, formulated by Seals Eastern, can be utilized in seals, o-rings, gaskets, packings and other applications where thermal stability and chemical resitance are required. If your seals exhibit thermal or chemical degradation, we can help you by analyzing your failures and recommending the appropriate grade of Viton to solve your problem.

Abrasion Resistance: Good · Temperature Range. Temperature range from: -20°C to +204°C / -4°F to +392°F. The core, made of Viton, is designed to provide very low compression set results.

Viton o ring temperature range

Viton. Viton Fluoroelastomer / fluorocarbon / FKM. Viton or Fluorocarbon is a brand of fluoropolymer elastomer and synthetic rubber. It combines high outstanding chemical resistance with great high temperature resistance. This makes fluorocarbon based compounds almost ideal for a universal O Ring material.

Viton seals are rendered ineffective at temperatures below 5°F, with the material becoming hard and inflexible. Viton ® o-rings from Marco Rubber offer excellent compatibility with a range of chemicals, oils and resist high temperatures up to 400F. Viton is also known as FKM made of fluoroelastomer one of the most versatile and widely used sealing materials.

Teflon® Encapsulated FEP/PFA Viton® and Silicone O-rings are available in 0-4 weeks. The operational temperature range of Viton® Sponge is -10°F to +400°F. At high temperatures, Viton ® Sponge resists heat and simultaneously retains its good mechanical properties.
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Viton o ring temperature range

O-RINGS VITON (FKM) 90 SHORE A. Black Fluorocarbon O ring is also known as Viton O-ring or FKM, FPM Orings. The FKM (Viton ®) O-Rings feature a low compression set with high temperature and chemical resistance with Durometer / Shore A … Viton O-Ring. Viton o-rings are made of fluorocarbon sealing compounds that display properties that are exceptional in their abilities to withstand aggressive chemicals, high and low temperature extremes for both static and dynamic sealing applications. Viton O Rings have a working temperature range -15 to +200 degrees C.. Viton O Rings have good chemical resistance to mineral and synthetic oils and greases, engine and transmission oils, fuel and non-flammable hydraulic pressure fluids Viton also has a very low gas permeability which makes it suitable for vacuum applications. FKM (Viton®) O-rings have excellent chemical resistance and can be used at temperature range of between 15°C and 200°C.

Make sure that your material is compatible with your environment by going to our rubber properties and chemical compatibility sections. As a sealing option, the crucial difference between Buna and Viton is the temperature range the materials function in. Viton is the choice over Buna for high-temperature applications.
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These RS PRO O-Rings have excellent sealing properties, durability and a wide temperature range making them ideal for various applications where high 

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Temperature Range –100 Teflon® Encapsulated FEP/PFA Viton® and Silicone O-rings are available in 0-4 weeks. Parco Mil-spec O-rings rings are available in 0-6 weeks with a $150 per size minimum.

Products made with Viton™ fluoroelastomers retain their flexibility, shape, and seal when exposed to chemicals and high temperatures. Viton™ FreeFlow™ extrusion process aids also improve processing, increase output, and reduce waste.

These Viton® fluoroelastomer O-rings resist a wide range of chemicals, including benzene, butyl alcohol, and ethylene glycol. They have a round profile and are suitable for both static and dynamic sealing applications. Inch O-rings have a dash number and are sized to the SAE standard AS568. For technical drawings and 3-D models, click on a

R/W Current gain setting of sensor — 0/1/2. offers a wide range of applications for low to high-viscosity dispensing. Functional Self-sealing rotor/stator design. Conveyance range oF uses. • electronic Viton O ring (medium) NBR (dust). 18 - 24 V DC Medium temperature: Storage  Pressure rate.

The fluorcarbon compound Viton® (FKM/FPM) has excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals, excellent high temperature stability,  Viton® O-rings can withstand temperatures from -54 to 437 degrees Fahrenheit. That is due to an operational temperature range of only -65 to 250 degrees  16 Dec 2010 O-rings are available in a wide range of materials. In many Service temperature – will be an issue if the system requires bake out.